Friday, January 18, 2013


Now we've been back in the classroom for a little while, and I'm already caught in this vicious cycle of a daily schedule:

first-thing am: Lecture
immediately after lecture: Sometimes finally get a chance to eat breakfast, indulge in brain-candy in the form of email and facebook, then do stuff I really need to do like administrative items, lab supervision, sometimes student help, phone calls, etc.
lunch: Eat?  or meetings
after lunch: Sometimes lecture again, sometimes I attempt grading or manuscript writing or something more pressing like student recommendation letters
a while after lunch: Think something like, I should really start prepping lecture for tomorrow.  Instead write a problem set or put readings online or do something relevant that is not lecture prep.  Office hours. 
4 pm: Meetings.  Or grocery shopping.
evening: Home, workout, laundry, dinner
9 pm: Realize nothing is ready for tomorrow am, and work way too late getting something prepped

Right after I teach I am really not in the mood to get ready to teach again.  And then it gets late, and even if I get started I won't be done before I have to get home, and then I'm up late working.  And then I'm tired and even less inclined to work harder the next morning.

I am doing it to myself by having four lectures a week, but I really need that much time.  Says I.

It's Friday, and my brain can tell.  I finally got my flu shot earlier this afternoon, and I was sitting here a few minutes ago wondering why the hell my shoulder was so sore, trying to remember what I did yesterday that would make it hurt.

Next week: try to prep lecture in the afternoon, and go to bed by midnight.  New Week Resolution.  

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Mommy/Prof said...

I go back and forth between thinking it is better to cluster the teaching on MWF or TH with "research days" (which usually end up being "recover from teaching days" about halfway through the semester) and teaching some everyday. I still don't get the research done, but at least I feel productive every day!