Wednesday, January 2, 2013


New Year's was a bit of a non-event around here - we spent a nice evening with some friends but went home early, because we are old and lame like that.  We watched the ball-fall-rerun and went to bed.  Now I'm having a hard time remembering that it's 2013, though I suppose it's only been a day so I shouldn't feel too bad.

I spent xmas at my parents' place, and Partner stayed here because his work schedule didn't really allow for a long trip to another part of the country (though a friend recently referred to this as "Partner got to stay home").  As usual, all the old irritations of family became dominant after about a week, and yet I stayed longer than that, so by the end it was nice to leave.  My family is composed of largely unhappy people (not everyone, and not all the time, but dominantly), and I have a hard time with the things that drove me nuts as a teenager yet are still there (like my sister's complete disregard for my parents' needs), so there is usually tension.  I'm glad I went, but maybe next time it will be a little shorter.  This was the first time I hadn't spent xmas with Partner yet was not doing field work, so that was a little strange as well.

Now I have a lot of unfinished stuff to do and unresolved things around the house, so somehow I'm not feeling the "clean slate" relief of a new year.  I'm not really one for resolutions, though.  This year, my primary goal is to try to do that thing they always tell me to do in yoga but to which I never listen: don't push myself too hard.  Physically, in this case, since I was just told by my chiropractor yesterday that I am now ready to "play it by ear" and come in when I feel like I need to.  This is a big step, since only a few months ago I was in that office three times a week and still in pain a lot of the time.  So I need to not jump immediately back into my old workout routine with its high-impact activities, and I need to be ok with modifying things I used to do, like yoga and weights.  This makes me feel old, and weak, but the absence of pain is a great motivator (and so is the large chiropractic bill I just paid).

 Even without a clear mental transition, I feel like 2013 will be about moving forward mentally - maybe because I'll be turning in my tenure materials, maybe because I hope to be past all this physical stuff.  Hopefully it will be good, either way. 

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