Sunday, February 3, 2013


The most productive work I did this weekend was grading, and running a review session.  But, I also spent all of Saturday getting tax return documents together and cleaning my house, so I'm still feeling pretty accomplished just because of the "home life" stuff I managed to finish.  I also pressed "place my order" on a treadmill purchase, which is a little bit stressful only because living here in podunkville the best I could do was to go look at a sort-of-similar model by the same company and then order what I wanted online.  I'm hoping it arrives in a fixable state.

This is the current culmination of my ongoing battle with my spine: new chiropractor, new advice, and an "almost no exercise" edict that I know I can't live with.  We've thought about getting a treadmill before, and it was my dedication to my elliptical that ended that discussion.  Now that the new chiro is pushing the idea that the elliptical itself might be part of my problem, I'm going to try this "walking only" thing and hope I can build back up to weights and squats and maybe a little bit of elliptical time.  I might go insane in the meantime, but at least winter won't keep me from moving, and Partner will have an at-home workout option too.  The primary trick is going to be finding a place to put the damned treadmill, even with its folded storage option (I'm hoping to keep the elliptical, despite the fact that it sits in the only good space we have for a piece of workout equipment, since maybe I will get to use it again sometime in the not-too-distant future when I'm no longer broken.  Overly optimistic?).  

Otherwise, same old.  This term my students seem to be either superstars with high A's or slackers who don't turn in any of their work.  Seriously, I've never seen so many kids in a mid-level course who just do nothing, including failure to sign in just ONCE to our online course management system, which in theory they would have to do to access the readings.  Tomorrow is Exam 1, so I'm sure it will be more than obvious soon enough.

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