Tuesday, February 26, 2013

snow redux

Today I walked to work, since shoveling is forbidden to me and I wasn't sure my car would manage.  It was actually really nice in the morning, in that quiet that snow brings, but the afternoon slush/plow remnants/wind was not as enjoyable.  And then three of my students didn't show for my once-per-week small class.  WTF students, I know you live on campus and/or in town, and I made it, so you can too.  Especially by 1:30.

How is February almost over!?  Last year I would have been prepping to return to the states; it's hard to believe it was a full year ago.  I'm not ready for March, though it will begin with a wedding that should be a lot of fun.

Treadmill is here, and Partner spent his one shoveling-free evening putting it together, so now I hope to get a little bit more active when I'm not just walking to work.  The new question of the day: will tomorrow bring a discussion of snow-blower purchases?  I'm suspecting this might be the next purchase, now that I'm broken and the shoveling is a one-guy job.

Also!  That controlled elliptical experiment proved a huge failure: back to the chiropractor I went.  Sad, but knowledge is power, I guess. 

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