Thursday, February 21, 2013


So, grant submitted, manuscript yet to begin, and the realization that if both grants I'm involved in come through this year I'm going to have way more work to do than I can probably handle (a good problem?  an unlikely problem?   both, I guess).

Today I had my first consultation with the physical therapist.  No useful information as of yet, but I'm scheduled for the real therapy thing next week.  Also, I'm finding that working with multiple medical professionals is actually a huge pain in the ass.  My chiropractor tells me I shouldn't use an elliptical ever again, whereas everyone else thinks it's fine.  My physical therapist just told me never to take steroids, whereas everyone else thought it was a great idea (and, arguably, it helped).  At least they all agree that I should be fixable and that the MRI was a good idea.  They also all seem to agree that crunches are useless and actually bad for you in terms of lower back stabilization.  Who knew.

After almost two weeks of doing nothing, today I tried a little low-ramp, low-resistance elliptical work followed by easy back extensions - the PT take on those activities made me think it would be ok, plus I'm going nuts waiting on the "safer" treadmill, so we'll see how I feel tomorrow.  Hopefully no worse, especially after icing all evening post-"workout". 

And now, blizzard time - tomorrow I may just walk to work, since I'm not supposed to shovel and I don't think my car will make it out if we do get the projected snowfall.  Poor Partner, it's a bad time of year to be the only functional body in the house.  

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