Monday, February 18, 2013

ups and downs

Recently, the ups:

- Received chocolate by mail as thanks for writing recommendation letters for an alum
- Was invited to a current student's wedding
- Got some research done
- My two research students are kicking ass
- Finished my grant proposal
- Had an MRI and I get a copy of the images sometime soon (this is awesome.  I am excited to see them)
- Finally got a DIAGNOSIS for my back issues
- Bought a treadmill, which will make my current need to cut back on high-impact exercise much more bearable

The downs:

- Was diagnosed with a small disc protrusion, and will now be on meds and physical therapy for a while
- Had a student twist an ankle during a field trip.  Not great, for the student or for the productivity of said field trip
- Treadmill won't be here for another week, and I'm basically banned from all other activities
- Need to get started on a manuscript for a project with bad emotions involved, so I'm not motivated
- Need to get a lot of other work done, which is also not happening right now
- Got some bad news about the health of my father-in-law

February has been a little dramatic - lots of meetings, lots of doctors' appointments, lots of frustration.  Lots of waiting, which is probably the worst part.  Also all those warnings about what my field work would eventually do to me: yeah, they were right.  I'm just waiting for that skin cancer prediction to come true, and then I'll be a complete stereotype. 

Still, feeling remarkably optimistic.  Knowing exactly what's wrong with you can actually be really uplifting. 

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