Monday, April 22, 2013

a weekend

House partially cleaned, local research trip, graded, lunch with a friend, class field trip, grocery shopping, turned the compost, mowed the lawn, read for class, picked up visiting speaker at the airport, talked to my parents. 

Why is it over already!?

This week should be a little bit less insane: student projects are at their most awesome when I don't have to lecture.  But, lots of stuff to attend, and a conference next weekend.

Last week I gave a lecture in which the US was shown to be a bit behind the times in terms of its policies to a particular issue.  One student gave me beatnik applause every time I mentioned US rankings and responses as being below-par; I guess this student does not approve of the US on this particular issue?   A first for me, and less disruptive than you might imagine.

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