Friday, April 12, 2013

months's been forever since I've written anything here.  Primarily due to life's normal insane activity levels, but that's nothing new.

Winter, which seems to still be upon us, officially ended just after we broke down and bought ourselves a snow thrower, as predicted.  Which, as it turned out, we used several times into March, and which I have to say was one of the better things we have ever paid for.  It was Partner's decision, since he's the only one shoveling these days and it's his paycheck going toward anything superfluous, but I am a huge fan after using it once.  Much better than having a house full of invalids trying to clear a driveway without breaking ourselves again, and next winter we won't be spending that kind of money on anything, so I'm glad we own it now.

At this point I'm hoping that we won't have to use it again prior to at least November.

I remain a slave to weekly doctors' appointments, but slightly less frequently than before.  Still, I had hoped that I would be in a better place about now, because I really need to make a decision about how much time I'm going to spend in the field this summer.  I'm nervous that a long plane ride will by itself be a bad idea, and then, even if I manage to keep myself from doing any of the actual hard work while I'm there, I will have several weeks minimum without access to a reliable chiropractor.  That makes me worry, since my chiro is the only thing that seems to help while I'm trying to strengthen the appropriate muscle groups.

Partner is traveling for work, leaving me to eat dinner at 9 pm and completely disassociate myself from anything resembling a reasonable life schedule.  Apparently he is the only reason why I don't gorge myself on dairy and stay up all night.

On the work front, I did finally write the paper I didn't want to write, and I consider myself now free and clear of a crappy research situation, which is nice.  I have some local projects I need to work on, instead of just doing teaching stuff all the time, but that is the normal trap and I will probably just try to focus on research once classes are over.

Also, my ankle-twisting student from the winter turned out to be a broken ankle, not a twist, and I had a lot of guilt about that happening on one of my field trips.  I also didn't force them to go to the hospital, which I probably should have done, but I always feel bad about stuff that will cost them money.  I guess they are adults, right?  At least in the sense of making their own medical decisions.

So far nothing of the sort during the many field trips of this month.  Knock on wood.


JaneB said...

"Apparently he is the only reason why I don't gorge myself on dairy and stay up all night."

As a single person who does both those things, I find that very reassuring - see it's not ENTIRELY my personal failing, it's partly due to my CIRCUMSTANCES! :-)

Liberal Arts Lady said...

Excellent! I'm glad it's not just me, damn those circumstances.