Tuesday, April 30, 2013

up and down

I received a very nice email last week from a recent alum, thanking me for a class they took with me.  I've been asked many times by various students what they should get for the professors they appreciated, and I still tell them that a note like that is way better than any other gift.

I caught a cheater, cheating on the most trivial and ridiculous assignment I have ever seen cheated upon.  I almost wish there was an additional penalty for cheating on stupid things.  Plus now I have to deal with the process of holding them accountable. 

I had an almost two-week run of zero pain and zero back problems, and then I took a trip for a meeting that involved soft hotel beds and airplane seats, so now I'll be back to the chiro this week.  I never noticed before, but seriously, WHY do all hotels have beds that are so soft they offer zero support?  Is that really what people like?  I myself am a firm-or-tempurpedic type of girl, and that was true even before I got old and broken.

I have a big intro class, and I'm sensing hostility and frustration, as well as some boredom, from a senior or two who are only now getting around to taking the intro-level (which, kids, is bound to leave you a little frustrated and bored when you are a MAJOR).  Also, entitlement to good grades that have not been given.  Prediction: a hit to my teaching evaluations.  Which is lame, because I kinda want those to be good now that I'm heading into the final few terms before my tenure evaluation.

Que sera, I suppose.

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