Sunday, June 9, 2013


The term is over, and this time I wasn't sure I was going to make it with my sanity intact.  My mid-level course was a bit of a flop from my perspective - it was my third time teaching it and the energy level was just way below what I was used to.  I guess it was just the group, not to mention the strange levels of dedication from a few who came once a week if at all, and then seemed surprised when they were failing.  One kid skipped the entire last half of the class except for the exams, showed up to give a final presentation, and turned in absolutely nothing else.  What is the point of that, kid?  F for you.

My intro course was better, good discussions and interest, but I had a couple of plagiarism cases and then a few students who had to be forced into dropping the course before the deadline so they wouldn't fail.  I understand a reluctance to give up after all that effort, but when I tell you that there's no way in hell for you to pass, you really need to get over it and DROP.

Overall, it seemed like a needier group than I've had in the past.  Plus, my favorite seniors all graduated early this year, so I didn't even get to enjoy a decent project or two to counteract the classroom insanity.  Survival, check.  And I can only hope my reviews aren't terrible.

Now I need to muster up some motivation for writing and some field work.  It's harder for me to get it done when it's totally free-form, unscheduled work that can be done at any point during the summer.  I do have one student working with me, so I will at least have to get my act together for their sake.

I'm also still waiting on word from my NSF MRI proposal resubmission, which gives me a little bit of hope since others I know of who applied to this program received rejections last week.  I'm trying not to get overly excited, but the next year could be so much more awesome with this instrument.

We shall see.

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