Thursday, July 11, 2013


So - to write an encyclopedia entry, or not?  I already got some advice on this, which I appreciated, but I need to figure it out this week and I'm still torn.

- editors are people I would put on my list of tenure letter-writers, but maybe I'm focusing on this too much.
- it would be done in time for the tenure file, and  SLAC is the kind of place that would not completely disregard this as productive work (at least not to the same extent as most larger universities)
- acknowledgement of my expertise?  Or something?

- it's a really long entry, full journal manuscript length
- I am not particularly good at writing literature review articles - I mean, I can, obviously, but I don't think it is my strength and I don't love doing it
- fall term is already going to be busy, as I'm teaching an overload and getting final stuff done for my tenure file


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

summer slump

This always happens.  The weeks that follow the very last committee meetings and grade submissions and paperwork are weeks when I don't want to do ANYTHING.  I sleep late, I stay in my PJs until unseemly hours, I read books for fun, I do housework if my brain makes even the smallest suggestion that perhaps I should get my ass into the office.  This year has been much worse, and now it's July and I am only now getting my butt back in that saddle.  I blame my lack of foreign field work, among other things.  Not having to get on a plane and organize people by a particular date really gives your motivation an opportunity to screw you over.

To be fair, I did some stuff prior to this week.  I have a student working with me and I took them through some lab procedures and some field work.  I cleaned my lab a bit, cleaned my office a bit, did a lot of paperwork and a minuscule amount of writing.  But certainly none of the stuff that takes serious brain power.

So, July!  The month of productivity!  So I hope.  I have at least gotten myself to the office and written something that needs to get out to others, so that is a step forward.  Soon I will have to talk myself into data analysis and modeling and abstract writing, but one day at a time is fine...right?