Tuesday, July 2, 2013

summer slump

This always happens.  The weeks that follow the very last committee meetings and grade submissions and paperwork are weeks when I don't want to do ANYTHING.  I sleep late, I stay in my PJs until unseemly hours, I read books for fun, I do housework if my brain makes even the smallest suggestion that perhaps I should get my ass into the office.  This year has been much worse, and now it's July and I am only now getting my butt back in that saddle.  I blame my lack of foreign field work, among other things.  Not having to get on a plane and organize people by a particular date really gives your motivation an opportunity to screw you over.

To be fair, I did some stuff prior to this week.  I have a student working with me and I took them through some lab procedures and some field work.  I cleaned my lab a bit, cleaned my office a bit, did a lot of paperwork and a minuscule amount of writing.  But certainly none of the stuff that takes serious brain power.

So, July!  The month of productivity!  So I hope.  I have at least gotten myself to the office and written something that needs to get out to others, so that is a step forward.  Soon I will have to talk myself into data analysis and modeling and abstract writing, but one day at a time is fine...right?  

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