Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Things I would really like to say to my students, now that things have barely begun:

- How is it that you missed the four emails I've sent over the past four months, each of which reiterated the same information with a reminder that it was very important for you as an upcoming senior to read it and respond, and are now emailing me to say that you never received any of these emails that are currently in my "sent" box with your name on them?

- Your question is whether we're meeting at the time that is listed as the class time on your schedule/online/in the registrar's office.   Really?

- You need to take a class on social issues and inequality, kid from the 'burbs.

- You will not actually be an engineer/doctor.  Sorry.

- I predict that I as your advisor will be hearing about your poor grades in approximately 5 weeks.   

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