Wednesday, September 4, 2013

notes from vacation

We finally went somewhere non-work-related just before the term, and it was really nice.  Some things we learned (or relearned):

- we are officially old now, since we would rather pay for a hotel than camp when it is 90 degrees out with 95% humidity.
-  large bodies of water are one of our favorite things but I cannot just lounge next to them all day.  Maybe this is a genetic abnormality or something, but I am not a traditional beach person.
- other people are idiots.
- pregnant tent camping would be totally doable if not for all the peeing, or specifically all of the hauling of self out of the tent to pee, during the night.  Also a 3-man tent makes a body pillow way more comfortable.
- small children should not be included in activities that have anything to do with tours or old houses.
- old friends are awesome

This trip was the first time a stranger made conversation about me being pregnant, which was kinda cool.  I also did zero work, and didn't even bring a laptop, which was very cool. 

Too bad vacation has to end.

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