Tuesday, September 24, 2013

weeping for the future

This term somehow feels like more of a student disaster than most.  Notes from the past few days:

- I ran an in-class exercise that included both on-the-board demos of the questions as well as a fully worked example problem that was given to each student with the assignment.  These were pretty basic high school math problems, finding percentages and change over time.  A frightening percentage of my class was completely lost even after I did the examples on the board, in which they would have to change only one number to do their own work.

- In my senior course, several of the students went to the wrong classroom, which is not completely unexpected since our building is a little bit non-intuitive in its layout and there are classrooms that look very similar to one another.  However, rather than checking the classroom number on their schedules or just peeking into the other similar classrooms to make sure they weren't in the wrong place, the students left after waiting a few minutes.  Me = not impressed.

I have a few freshmen who have actually come to my office to go over lecture material.  I love them, and this week they are keeping me from complete despair over the future of our country.  

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