Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Add some conference poster-making to my normal schedule and apparently things go crazy.  It's been a rough 1.5 weeks, but there is light at the end of October, at least.  Tomorrow is the last of our baby-prep classes and I will then have a little bit more evening time to use.  Plus the onset of coldness means no more yard work.

I am officially transitioning to one of Partner's winter coats; even with the very long sleeves and extra length, it's better than being completely unable to zip up when it's 40 degrees outside.

It's the time of the term when keeping your head above water is doing really well.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


While filling out a form today I was told that it is October 15th.  I have no idea how that happened; it seems like yesterday it was early September.

Today the internet is informing me that it's time to pack a hospital bag (!!), which is freaking me out a little.  Because, what the hell internet, I have 10 weeks left, and while we have a crib it is currently in pieces in the downstairs room where we keep stuff we haven't had time to deal with.  I also have about eight million loads of baby-related laundry to do, we have no car seat, and I am generally just putting off everything baby-related until the end of the term.  At which point I will probably need to finish my tenure materials, because who has time for that right now, and I will therefore end up going into labor with zero preparation and the kid will sleep in a box for a few days after we walk home from the hospital (given that we have no car seat).

Needless to say, I am not really focused on tenure right now.  Maybe I should be more concerned, and actually work on a publication or two that might theoretically be ready to submit before the deadline.  But I am feeling pretty ok about my chances, particularly from a publication standpoint, so I am instead trying to not suck at teaching and get everything done that I have over-committed to, as usual.

Next spring I'll let you know how that plan works out.

We did recently, finally, finish re-staining our deck with fancy "deck restore" stuff that promises to last for more than two years and to keep our old deck alive.  It looks pretty awesome, but it had better last given how much more it costs to get this thicker gritty coating (with a primer!) instead of just buying more stain.  I highly recommend not waiting until the fall to do this kind of thing, particularly when you are an academic/student couple with limited time trying to work around the weather.  Lessons learned.

I am, however, loving the cool weather; my favorite time of year is when we don't need to turn on the heat but it's a little too cold to hang out outside.  We've been enjoying apple- and pumpkin-based foods and I am really excited that 80 degrees is behind us for a while.

Now, time for some apple cider and a giant pile of grading.