Saturday, November 9, 2013


I can't tell whether it's just my students this term or something about my mental state, but I'm about to explode and we're not done yet.  Usually, it's not this bad, but over the past few days I've had to spend some time holding myself back from rude responses to the following requests (supplemented by my own frustrations):

- can you give me the email for Staff Member X, which is both available online and set up as an auto-entry in the school email system?
- can you tell me whether there are seats open in class Y, which I am perfectly capable of viewing on my own on the registrar's website?
- can you tell me again the answer to procedural question Z, which you have already answered at least eight times in class/on the board/on the syllabus?
-  can you tell me something that is very clearly written in the two lines of directions at the top of the worksheet that is currently in my hands?
- can you give me credit for late work despite the fact that your late policy on the syllabus clearly states that you would not take my late work under these specific conditions? 

I don't mind this kind of stuff at a minimal level, but it's a constant barrage these days.  I think the freshmen are in fact needier, but it seems like everyone is doing a shitty job of listening, even my upperclassmen.  Partner suggests that maybe I'm on a shorter rope this term - maybe.  Then again, I can't convince myself that it's just me. 


Joaquin Stick said...

If your institution is anything like mine and you've been constantly asked to do "more with less," it shouldn't come as a surprise, nor be something to be ashamed about, that you feel like you are "on a shorter rope." You quite likely are, and I don't think it's disingenuous to follow-up on that thought by looking at all the people above and below (and beside, for that matter) who might have passed a buck on to you and made that feeling a reality. That's not an argument for passing it on to someone else, but it is an argument for calling that process out when appropriate and citing the very feeling of aggravation that you articulate as the reason that others need to DTFJ.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I get these sorts of absurd questions all the time too. People just don't want to take the extra 30 seconds to do something themselves when they can just ask me to do it. I'm saying no more and more these days.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

I think the issue might be more student-centric than institutional, but the rest is not irrelevant. Glad I'm not the only one!