Saturday, December 21, 2013

the funnest things

The funnest things of December: A sarcastic list

- the inability to make any plans for anything because there may or may not be a baby showing up
- in particular, not knowing when exactly to clean the house in anticipation of my parents' arrival, because if we do it too early and don't have a baby it will get dirty again, but if we wait too long and go into labor we will never do it at all
- crossing that line between "being pregnant is ok/sometimes nice" to "get this thing out of me"
- answering student emails about why they received the grades they received
- having students who continued to blow off their coursework even after I kindly granted them extensions into the break, since they earned the same crappy grade they would have gotten in the first place despite the extra time and work on my part

Some good stuff: Sincerity

- having the time to do all of the million and two loads of preparatory baby laundry
- not having to leave the house during snow/ice/other crappy weather
- having Partner home on break
- December: low-stress, cozy, and generally pretty quiet, this is my favorite time of year, even more so when I don't have to worry about traveling