Thursday, April 24, 2014


That whole thing about babies eating your life...was expected, and yet is somehow more intense than we had anticipated. 

Kiddo is doing pretty well, is largely happy and cries for good reasons, but she does NOT sleep.  She had a few weeks at the end of her second month when she did a few 3-5 hour chunks of sleep at night, and then she suddenly went back to 2 hours max and we're still there.  On bad nights she sleeps 30-45 minutes at a time, all night long, and if we're lucky she'll sleep for one 3-hour piece after she first goes down.

Partner has class, and exams, and homework.  I am teaching, but I have a very flexible schedule this term (luckily) and very understanding colleagues.  So I try to do most of the work at night, until I lose my mind, which has happened a few times on bad nights.  Once in a while I am a complete zombie, most of the time I am a semi-functional zombie, and I assume that not every baby sleeps this poorly or nobody would have more than one.

Someday I will blog again about not babies.  I hope that it is soon.