Wednesday, December 31, 2014

out with the old

Happy New Year, internets.  This year has not been a blogging year, but maybe next year will be better.  2014, what happened to you?

We had a crazy, colicky baby who still doesn't sleep but is far more pleasant as an 11-month-old and keeps getting cuter, so I hold out hope that things will continue to become more manageable as well.  Infants are a roller-coaster, and this one was no exception; all of my attention this year was here, and everything else just kinda happened around me. 

I got tenure, and barely noticed at the time in my sleep-deprived insanity.  Now I definitely notice the extra service work.

I taught in an immersion term for the first time and SUCKED at it.  Sucked hard.  I get to do it again in the future, without a four-month-old, so that should be a much better experience. 

I was a co-PI on my first NSF grant, which was a nice win.

I finished a final piece of writing with a research group that I am excited to be free from; especially after this year, I have no time for shitty collaborators and egotistical assholes, and I'm glad that I can be that much more blunt about it now that I have tenure.

2015, I have no significant expectations, which is probably good.  I am not as sad as some might be to be wishing the kiddo's babyhood goodbye.  I hope that this kid figures out sleeping before she turns 2. 

I hope that I figure out work-life balance before I get too far into my Associate Professorhood.  I hope that I figure out what I want out of my sabbatical before I need to apply.  I hope that I manage a successful shift to a new research area using a new instrument, and get some decent publications put together over the next two years. 

I hope that we all have an excellent 2015.