Thursday, March 19, 2015

hey stranger

It's break!   A break during which, of course, my child has mostly been sick and not in daycare.  I had dreams, people.  Dreams of getting ahead, doing some research, prepping classes for next week, watching a movie with my husband, cleaning my house.  Those dreams, they are dead.

This winter has been brutal for illness around here; between the 3 of us, we've had a 600% increase in puking diseases (up from the previous value of none), plus normal colds etc.  Having a toddler around is a whole new germy thing.  I am not a fan. 

On the one hand, I am thankful that she decides to get all fevery and pukey when we don't have to work, or when Grandma is visiting to help out; Kiddo has been amazingly good at getting sick whenever we have a work-free day or some backup.  On the other hand, child, I would like one stinking day of my life when I can make someone else watch you and not have to work all day.

Otherwise, Kiddo is sleeping better (praise the gods) with only a few wake-ups a night if she isn't sick or teething, and she's in a really cute stage of babble with some real words plus interesting other means of making her desires known. 

Today I finally got into the lab to refresh myself on a new instrument before I run some labs with students, which was fun.  Another class is going to be moving their software work into a new computer lab with better functionality, which is probably going to be a huge pain in my rear plus we'll have to figure out how to move data around in a new way.  I am not really looking forward to this, but somewhere I will have to carve out some time to mess around in the new space before the relevant class periods.

This is about the time of year when it's hard to imagine making it to May; at least there will be CSA vegetables in my future. 

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