Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Officially spring, which somehow makes a dirty house both more likely and harder to deal with.  But warm weather means kiddo is outside a lot, which looks like this:

- kiddo demands to go outside
- we enforce the "put on your shoes" rule
- kiddo goes outside but eventually decides to nurse
- we come inside to nurse (I am now enforcing some boundaries with nursing, and this one is my own preference)
- kiddo wants shoes off for nursing
- kiddo finishes nursing and wants to go back outside
- repeat

Kiddo also started saying "no" this week, which is still cute, but the cuteness will probably wear off soon.

I finally have an enforced writing deadline based on some revisions, which tells you how much research I've been getting done since having a baby, but the probability of meeting it at this point is approaching zero.  I'm putting a new, significant lab component into a class I'm teaching right now, which will be fun (I hope) and will move me forward with some research of my own, but which eats a lot of my "extra" time, so I write far less than I should.  That plus the post-tenure service increase and life is way too busy (as usual).

I think I am going to start doing some "academic year" resolutions, similar to new year's resolutions, but relevant to my career.  The first few will be about publication rates, but if I start in the fall I'll give myself a head start via summer writing.

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JaneB said...

If you want some friendly online accountability for the writing, you'd be very welcome to join our weekly group here - "The purpose of the group is to provide support for people associated with the university world (academics of all shades, grad students, etc.) who find it difficult to prioritise things which are Important but not Urgent (in the Top Left Quadrant of a grid of same)" We set goals etc. on a semester by semester basis, roughly...