Monday, August 17, 2015

August mid. Also boobs.

As usual, it is almost term again and I don't know how that happened.  Especially considering that I have been in town for most of this summer.

In late July I went abroad for two weeks, my first time away from Kiddo and my first foray into being a pumping mom.  Partner did awesome and it went way better at home than I had expected; for me, it was super awkward to be in a conservative Middle Eastern country spending a lot of time traveling around and needing to pump every 5-6 hours.  All you exclusive pumpers, I salute you, it is a pain in the ass and my supply tanked for all my efforts, and I got hustled out of a museum for trying to pump there at one point because "there are [security] cameras!"  Heaven forbid some dude catch a peek.

Upon my return, Kiddo was having none of it.  It took me four days to get her back to nursing, but I did it because a) going from 6 feeds a day to none just because I was gone seemed unfair weaning, as she was obviously not ready to do it on her own, b) I have no other tools to get her to sleep/calm her down and I was not ready to lose my only skill in that department, and c) I didn't pump awkwardly and socially unacceptably all that time just to come home and have her say no.  Is it bad that c carries more weight than the others?

Now I get to suffer the flip side, where a teething toddler wants mama all night long.  Please remind me how badly I wanted her to nurse two weeks ago.  This child has also had a diaper rash since JUNE that we cannot kill.  I am not a fan. 

My summer student is done, we submitted a kinda lame abstract to a fall meeting and we'll see if we can get some better data before we actually have to go (assuming it's accepted).   I moved my office to make room for a new person in our department (yay!), and have kinda unpacked; we also updated computers in my office and lab.  Between all of those changes I am completely unprepared to do any manner of data analysis or even to find things that I need to look at.  Hopefully they get me a phone in the near future.

Immediate goal: do something resembling exercise more than once every 2 weeks.  Which would be easier if the kid slept through the night more than once a month.  

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