Friday, January 29, 2016


2016!  I resolved to get active again.  I started using the standing desk prototype Partner built for me back in 2013, which never made it to the design stage but works fine.  I stand a lot of the day and it is nice.  I went back to the gym for the first time since I was very pregnant and I went swimming.  I stashed all the relevant things in my gym locker for regular use, I made sure I had space in my schedule a few days a week, and I decided I was going to start the process of returning to the self who used to go crazy when she missed too many workouts.

Cue: toddler illness, spreading to family illness, becoming bronchitis and sinus infections.  Which can be fought with antibiotics in everyone but me because thrush (I am not going there again, thank you, I will just be sick for longer).  Cue: puking toddler, stomach flu that I am now waiting to experience.  Cue: issues with family transportation that require more carpooling and less schedule flexibility.  Cue: cold-as-hell weather.  Cue: lots of extra meetings that weren't on my schedule three weeks ago.

Cue: "fuck it" attitude and consumption of popcorn.

2016, don't be a jerk.  Please.

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