Sunday, May 8, 2016

spring sprung


April was crazy, with zero time to reflect.  The past week has been a little better, at least.  I've been teaching an immersion term, which has been a time killer.  This week grandma is visiting, which has been a nice shift and helpful in many ways (not least in the presence of her expert flower-arranging eye for belated pot-filling).  Kiddo is loving the extra attention, both from immersion term students and grandma.  I think next week when she is deprived of both (our time in residence is over for the immersion program) she will probably be cranky.

Kiddo is entering an annoying stage, in which a nap pushes bedtime to almost 11 and no nap leads to cranky afternoons and about 7:30 as bedtime.  Daycare won't keep her awake, so we can't just drop the nap entirely, and in any case she usually needs to nap the day after an early bedtime due to the earlier wake-up.  I'm sure this is a common thing at this age, but I am not a fan.  It's a pain that we can't plan activities since we don't know when she'll be sleeping, and I often want to go to sleep before she does on the later nights.

Kiddo also does not sleep through the night yet (parents, that is a YET, right, like...she will...right?  Some day?).  So.  There is that to contend with.

As the academic year winds down I think we are really hitting the "Partner has been a student for three years and we have a toddler in daycare" financial burn in a way that we did not before; I'm not sure why, maybe because daycare was part time prior to last summer and it got harder after that?  Maybe because a lot of things have come up recently that I would have liked to do (a friend's wedding abroad, going far away for Xmas to see my family, an extra conference panel) and I'm sad to have to keep passing.  Maybe because Partner is finishing up and looking at grad school.

I am glad he is doing stuff he loves, just like I got to do.  I don't want him to not do that.  I just wish I didn't let our inability to do things and pay for things get under my skin and make me feel so unqualified to adult.