Friday, September 23, 2016

parent fails

The moment you realize that your child's insane behavior over the past day or so is completely explained by a physical ailment that you could have solved for them if you had been observant enough to realize the problem when the walk-in clinic was actually open.

Then of course this keeps your kid from sleeping, on a night when you are already exhausted from the last few nights when the toddler didn't sleep plus the basic weary Friday night blahs; the week was long and way too busy and the tired goes beyond the physical now.  So you are not as empathetic as you should be, or as patient, or as gentle.

And this is why I find myself, at least on this particular week, failing at parenthood.


Ann said...

We've all been there !

Liberal Arts Lady said...

Hah, thank you! Why doesn't knowing that make me feel any better!? Parenting has its own kind of imposter syndrome.