Sunday, January 1, 2017



The fall was rough.  There was the election, which was its own thing.  But I was also doing extra teaching, stressing extra hard, sleeping as poorly as ever.  I made it through, but it was not the best few months. 

Since the term ended I've been either dealing with the kiddo (sick for a full week early in the month, then recently at home for break) or grant-writing.  And now that I'm almost done with both of those things I want another break just so I can get some down time.  Partner and I did get to a few movies and had a dinner out, so I can't complain too much, but I certainly don't feel either rested or prepared for January.

2016 was not as bad for us as it has been for many, but I can't say it was particularly good either. We're keepin' on: Partner is finishing up some school soon and moving on to a grad program if he has his way; our cat now has a permanent health issue in her old age that requires some maintenance and planning of travel on our part; and the baby isn't a baby any more, especially now that she's been pottying successfully for several weeks (and also 3 very soon!). 

2017 is going to be the me-year, if I get my act together.  I need to wean the kiddo, because our nursing relationship has become more antagonistic than beneficial.  I need to spend the time on myself to exercise regularly, because that has always been my sanity and my body-maintenance (and this was the year I finally got fed up with letting that slide).  I need to get some work done, finish some projects.  I have a sabbatical coming so that should be doable.  I also have a decent teaching schedule this winter, so no good excuses for staying up too late to work.  The kid is starting to finally sleep some of her nights all the way through, and I should be able to spend less of my free time catching up on naps for myself.  It's time to shift my schedule, enforce some boundaries.  I hope I can make it happen.

I would like to feel more connected to things I can do in the wider world, how to fight the general sense of foreboding for the planet and the country, but I somehow am still feeling too tied-down, too inward-looking.  I think that will change as we move into 2017, but I'm still searching for how I want to fight what I think is probably coming.  We'll see how that evolves.

Happy 2017!  I hope it has more to offer us than we anticipate. 


Karina said...

Hey! Because I am so out of this blog world lately, I JUST saw your comment from January 1 on my blog! Did you wean yet? My kid just turned FOUR and I've gone on 3 more trips since January and somehow she is still nursing. I think my right boob makes like .25 oz and lefty makes 0. I don't even pump or express at all when I'm gone several days in a row, but she somehow still finds milk. I'm cool with it. She's not an annoying nurser, except on very rare occasions. I never planned to go this long, but here we are.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

We JUST did it, like a week ago, after a very prolonged period of night-time brief nursing. It got so uncomfortable for me, I was really encouraging short sessions, and then she eventually kinda stopped doing it right. So then we quit, and if she asks (occasionally) I remind her that it didn't work but it's because she's such a big girl now and nursing is for babies and little kids. So far, minimal fuss. And freedom! My husband just today reminded me that I could take cold medication and I was like...woah!

Yeah...still making the milk, it might stick around for a while. And sometimes they might just want to nurse for comfort regardless of how much they actually manage to get. If it isn't driving you crazy, no foul. For some reason around last fall it just got really uncomfortable for me, her latch involved more teeth. So I am not too sad to be done. Good luck!