Saturday, June 3, 2017


So, I don't know whether I'm done blogging or not - I seem to come back to it every once in a while. And yet I have failed mightily this year.

I have been on sabbatical! It rocked. And was way less productive than hoped. But! I got certifications and permits re-upped, I wrote some stuff, I got some data, I fixed a lot of software/equipment crap, I cleaned my lab. I finally have a "recommended for funding" from NSF, so hey, even with nothing else accomplished, that is a win. I need to work slightly harder this summer to make up for some slackage, but it was overall very good for me and my sanity at the very least.

I have maintained my goal of getting back into a workout routine - every day that the kid has been in daycare and I haven't had to spend the entire day in something like a training workshop or a car-buying trip, I have exercised. And I am feeling a lot better as a result, with the hope that I can continue to prioritize this thing that has been missing since I had a baby. Also I have slept a lot more, and that helps a lot. I don't think I quite realized how much having a kid totally destroyed me. Until now.

Also, the kid is 3.5. If we all survive this age, I hope there are better things to come, because man, 3.5 is not a joke. 3.5 is keeping my alcohol consumption at levels higher than I would like. 3.5 is rough. And it doesn't help that the kid has been sick off and on recently, making all of us more miserable. She sleeps, at least. In ways that involve kicking me or randomly screaming, but sleep.

And now, family vacation week, because what says "you didn't really get as much work done as you should have this term but now it is summer" better than spending the entire week with a 3.5 year old who throws tantrums because of things like not going through a door first or wanting you not to have moved objects last night?*

*3.5 can be pretty cute, especially when "we are best friends".  Also of course I love my kid, but she has her moments.